“NIK-2007”LTD first begins its activities in 2002, founded by engineer Nikola Neykov. With the time, the company expands its services and starts growing as a family business. Due to the rich professional experience of engineer Nikola Neykov, in the past years the company has significantly increased the amount of machines, number of clients and offered metalworking services.
Our professional Team
Professionals in the field of metalworking form the team of around 40 employees, managed by engineer Nikola Neykov and his son Plamen Neykov. “NIK-2007” Ltd. has employees with many years of experience as well as young people and graduates, which are being trained on spot by professionals. We have the following specialists in the manufacturing: Administration Department:


General Manager – engineer Nikola Neykov

Product Manager – Plamen Neykov


If you are interested in continuing your professional metalworking experience with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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